Why does Texas Needs a Drink (.com) ?

We wanted to help Texans know that the Governor has eased rules on restaurants during the COVID pandemic to help support our local restaurant & bar industry. People are learning that take out from local restaurants is both fun and a great way to support community businesses and neighborhood ecosystems. By letting you know who’s still open and serving everyone has a better chance of getting through this crisis together.

How do you know?

The people behind TexasNeedsADrink.com run yDrink a data company that helps the beverage industry track bars, restaurants, and hotels that sell their product. Its thru our relationships with local distributors that we are able to help you, the consumer, figure out who’s selling liquor to go by simply looking at the accounts that keep bringing it in. If you can’t figure out what they are selling, just call and ask if you can add any of your favorite drinks to your next to go order.

How can I help?

Find a local establishment, see what they are offering, order, enjoy and repeat!

You can also fill in a form to update information we make available to make our listings more accurate, and if you are in the beverage industry please make a donation to a hospitality relief fund of your choice. We have the Texas Restaurant Relief Fund listed at the bottom of our page.



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Don't Drink and Drive. Drink responsibly